Hakuna Matata – A Night of South Africa to Savour

17th May 2019

Thanks all for attending Hakuna Matata – A Night of South Africa to Savour! The event was an astounding success! We managed to savour 2 cocktails made from South African Gin Howling Owl and Fynbos, and experience food pairing with 4 different wines from South African Winery Van Loveren.


Welcome Cocktail: Blue Owl
Howling Owl Gin, Citrus,Yuzu, Elder Flower, Tonic, Rosemary

Wine Pairing 1: Van Loveren Blanc de Blanc
w Cheese Trio w Apricot Jams, Raisins and Cracker

Wine Pairing 2: Van Loveren River Red Shiraz Pinotage
w Grilled Pork Tenderloin w Apple Sauce

Wine Pairing 3: Van Loveren Christina Sauvignon Blanc
w Rosemary and Orange Chicken Thigh and Cranberry Compote

Wine Pairing 4: Van Loveren Christina Cabernet Sauvignon
w Braised Beef Sliders with Portobello Mushrooms

Evening Cocktail: The Fynbos Sangria
Vale Fynbos Infused Gin, Citrus, Peach Schnapps, Elder Flower, Raspberry Fresh Citrus, Van Loveren Blanc de Blanc


Capacity: 25 pax

Date: Thur, 16th May 2019

Time: 7pm – 9pm

Location: Hopscotch

Address: 45 Malan Road, Singapore 109455