10 EPIC Bars You Won’t Believe Exist In Singapore – Never Have A Boring Night Again

The Bar that every Singaporean will love


Speaking of Chicken Rice, Hopscotch has got one for you.

The cheekily named bar “Hopscotch” is a pun on “hops” for beer and “scotch” for whisky. Equally cheeky are their unconventional alcoholic beverages, inspired by local flavours such as Hainanese Chicken Rice, Cereal Prawns, and Assam Laksa. If you have more of a sweet tooth, try their kaya-inspired cocktail or Ondeh Ondeh shots.

Address: Red Dot Traffic Building, 28 Maxwell Road, #01-04, Singapore 069120
Opening Hours: 4pm-1am daily

As written by:
Dionne See

Published on:
The Smart Local

Date of publication:
10th June 2014

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