Hopscotch Bar On Red Dot Traffic Building: Your Only Whimsical Cocktails With Childhood Memories

Perched on Red Dot Traffic building, the pop-up cocktail Hopscotch Bar is not just about something to eat, it pours out nostalgic bespoke drinks, filling with childhood memories.

We remember back concoctions such as Arab Street (gin, pomegranate, saffron rose water, apple juice and citrus) and Golden 933 – made with cereal and butter fat-washed rum, chilli, and curry leaves. We know how busy you can be, so drop by before their time is up.

What’s so good about Hopscotch?

With an extended, Hopscotch sets with non-pretentious dining space, it speaks with a semi-industrial design in a colonial warehouse. They have done up a pretty decent backyard with a mini garden of homegrown herbs and plants. All the hallmarks of DIY industrial chic (the bar team fixed the space up themselves), really warms up with us.

The masterful bartenders behind Hopscotch are pretty playful, just like how the bar is named. They will be happy to muddle and create some locally-flavoured cocktails for you. They make solid good cocktails and serve them in traditional ‘kopi’ cups and saucers, with little treats of childhood snacks like mini cup jellies, rainbow-creamed cookies.

Hopscotch serves more interesting cocktails like fruity ones that are done with pomegranate syrup, apple juice or citrus. It makes a lip-puckering-sour start – a sure-fire hit with the ladies.


This is the second cocktail bar by roving bartending group Mixes From Mars, helmed by co-founder Roger Yip. With the ever-inventive and tongue-in-cheek cocktails, Hopscotch Bar, on Red Dot Traffic building, its anything-goes attitude into their creations speaks volume.

As written by:
Kathleen Zhu

Published on:
Asia Style

Date of publication:
21st Nov 2014

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