10 Local Inspired Cocktails to Try During Singapore Cocktail Week

“Now that we’re already halfway through the inaugural Singapore Cocktail Week, cocktail enthusiasts are undoubtedly abuzz with exploring our island’s bustling mixology scene; spoilt for choice with a slew of convention-breaking tastemakers and their respective institutions. Not only have the festival’s attendees reveled in round after round of tipples as they tour our local watering holes; but it’s also clear that the fine ladies and gents behind the bar are having just as much fun flexing their skills with tried-and-tested cocktails, as well as putting their creativity to the test in conceiving new and exciting concoctions.

What makes the week-long celebration particularly special is the universal effort of masters and up-and-comers alike coming together to create beverages that are uniquely Singaporean. With a history as young as our island-state’s, mixology has – until recent years – imported palettes from the West and favoured foreign fervour. With the new wave of young cocktail connoisseurs, mixologists are now striving to build a menu of local-inspired drinks that are ubiquitously ‘ours’ – and they’re here to prove that we can do a lot more than a Singapore Sling.

Here are 10 local-inspired cocktails that scream “Singapore” from the partners of this year’s Singapore Cocktail Week.”

Georgetown Special by Hopscotch
Vodka, green mango, mint, tamarind paste, ginger flower, lime.

Written By:
Trent Davis

Published on:

Date of publication:
10th Mar 2015

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