Best bars for local cocktails

Tucked away in one of the courtyards of the historic Red Dot Traffic Museum is the copper pipe-, wood- and bare concrete-dressed Hopscotch. Find Singaporean bartenders Joel De Win and Kino Soh behind the bar here, decorated with little toy tchotchkes reclaimed from the ’80s and ’90s. De Win and Soh are absolute whizzes at borrowing inspiration from local hawker food favourites for their complex craft cocktails, and each serving comes with a thoughtful local snack to cut the sweet, savoury and burn.

Try Golden 933 ($21). Curry leaves and cereal butter fat-washed rum conjure a drinkable – and almost savoury – version of the zi char favourite, cereal butter prawns.

Written By:
Natasha Hong

Published on:
Time Out

Date of publication:
31st Mar 2015

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