New Takes on the Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling No. 6 at Hopscotch

Bartenders Joel De Win and Kino Soh are not afraid of unusual ingredients—they’ve used everything from lemon curd to curry leaves at this slim, stone-walled lounge. Their off-menu take on the classic cocktail must be ordered 24 hours in advance, to give the bartenders a chance to whip up dried hibiscus syrup, used in place of grenadine, and pineapple espuma, which is subbed in for the pineapple juice. The hibiscus gives the drink a bright pink hue and delicious tanginess without being too sweet; it’s best enjoyed al fresco so grab one of the outdoor bar seats to enjoy. 28 Maxwell Rd.; 65/6327-4820;

Written by:
Chadner Navarro

Published on:

Date of publication:
5th August 2015

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