11 BEST Happy Hour Promotions In Town For Singaporeans Who Are Working Too Hard

In the wise words of Rihanna – work work work work work. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the corporate rat race, or have been at it for the last 20 years. You’re bound to feel more than a little stressed out sometimes.

Sometimes, all we need is a little distraction. And there is no better way to do it than over some postwork drinks that won’t blow a hole in your pocket. Plus, there’s no better way to go out than when you’re already all dressed up, right? Here’s a video we did, where some of TSL’s guys spent a day in their suits:

If you’ve reached the point where you work has become the only word in your dictionary, here are 11 of the best happy hour promotions to re-energise your worn out soul.

1. Hopscotch Bar @ Red Dot Traffic Building

If you’re looking to avoid a shouting match at the table across all the noise, then Hopscotch Bar is definitely the place you’re looking for. Nestled within the confines of the Red Dot Design Museum, this quaint bar is perfect for the overworked employees looking to find solace in the quiet.

Brought to you by the guys behind the roving bar service, Mixers From Mars, you won’t be having just any ordinary cocktail. The bartenders are incredibly passionate about their craft, and even know their regulars by their names . With the main aim of injecting local flavour into everything on their menu, expect to see ingredients like horlicks, atap chee, and even some chendol floating around in your boozy mix.

Putting an alcohol twist on a blend of two classic Singaporean desserts, don’t leave Hopscotch without getting a taste of their Kachang Booze ($23). Served in a glass jar, you’ll have to do a bit of digging to unravel the atap chee, chendol jelly treasure resting on the bottom.

Clockwise: Bandung, Ondeh Ondeh, Sour Plum, Drop Date Bomb

 And if you really just want to get the party started, then order up a tray of their specialty shots. We recommend the Bandung and liquid Ondeh Ondeh shots!

Moreover, with a happy hour promotion that’s almost too good to be true, you won’t be able to resist. I mean, 50% off ALL beers, house pours and a 1-for-1 offer on all of their cocktails?! Count me in.

Address: 28 Maxwell Rd #01-04, Red Dot Traffic Building

Opening hours: 4pm-1am

Happy hour: Happy Hour: 5pm-8pm


Written By:
Michelle Shona

Published on:
The Smart Local

Date of publication:
16th May 2016

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