10 Speakeasies With Bespoke Drinks That’ll Take Date Night To Another Level

So, you got yourself a Tinder date. Good job. But here comes the problem of figuring out where to go. While a romantic dinner is a must, you also need a game plan for afterwards in case he or she turns out to be so super awesome you don’t wanna leave.

For all the lucky ones out there, we’ve got you covered with 10 modern speakeasies that’ll charm your date once and for all. Speakeasies were secret bars in America during the prohibition-era where alcohol was banned, and even though they no longer exist, many modern bars have adopted a similar style to create a sense of exclusivity.

Bringing your date to one of these places says you know where the good stuff are and you’re willing to share it with him or her – always a plus. Some of these bars don’t even have a menu, so just tell the bartenders what kind of drink you’re feeling and they’ll gladly concoct a one-of-a-kind moonshine for you.

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Salted egg yolk and chicken rice are not dishes at Hopscotch; they’re cocktails that actually taste like the real deal. Quirky is the word to describe this hidden bar inside Red Dot Traffic Building at Maxwell Road, and if these local dishes in a drink don’t dazzle your date, then we suggest you get another date. JK, just get him or her a bespoke cocktail.

Address: 28 Maxwell Road, #01-04, Red Dot Traffic Building, Singapore 069120
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 4pm to 1am
Tel: 6327 4820

Written By:
Kai Ying Liu

Published on:
Eat Book

Date of publication:
26th August 2016

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