It’s finally my coming-of-age day~ I’m 21 now!

Not exactly sure if it’s a happy thing ’cause turning adult just means having to pay MORE bills, dealing with adult things, worry about what to do for the future… IS BEING AN ADULT REALLY = HAVING FREEDOM?! HAHAHA

On a brighter note, I am 21, and the 21st birthday means you have all the excuses to throw a huge birthday bash so why not!!!

It wasn’t in my plan to throw a birthday party ’cause firstly, I am too socially awkward and probably don’t have that many friends to invite to a huge party hahaha. Also, it’s a lot to plan for and I’m most likely going to plan and do everything alone which is a huge bummer so I decided against the idea at first.
BUT my friends around me (most of my friends are older) who didn’t get to celebrate their 21st birthday regretted it and told me it’s a must to get it done else I’m going to regret it in the future either SO #NORAGRETS I decided to throw one pretty last minute.
AND yes I planned everything myself, and also did some decorations with Rachell few days before the party just in case the decorations were not enough~~~

Anyway, I have a vlog on my channel which will show what happened that day~~ Please watch if you haven’t! ^_^ It’s one of my favourite vlogs to date!

So here goes, my 21st birthday party themed “Rustic Alice In Wonderland” yay!!!
My birthday was on the 7th of September btw~~~

Decided to go for a simple light blue high low dress (from ShopSassyDream) and I altered it to my size HAHAHA omg it was XS but still too big for me!
Light blue to match Alice’s dress. xD
Heels from Elisa Litz!!!

The party was hosted at Hopscotch Bar, located at Tanjong Pagar, Red Dot Museum!

Nowhere else better than this ’cause I’m a frequent customer of the bar, they have some amazing cocktails, extremely unique and you can’t find them anywhere else. You can also self-customize your drinks to your liking.. I LOVE BERRIES & FRUITS BTW. Okay more about them in another blog post next time ’cause too much to share with you in just one post!

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11th September 2016

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