Locally Inspired Cocktails to Try Today

Locally Inspired Cocktails to Try Today

8.  Hopscotch

Hopscotch on Maxwell Road is another bar that markets itself as one to take on local flavours, offering an unforgettable twist on Singaporean tastes. The menu is inventive and plays on local accents perfectly with the bartenders using everything from gula melaka to rose water and even chicken stock for the drinks menu! Try the Jewel of Maxwell, a drink so pretty you almost don’t want to have it! Dry gin, lychee, rose cordial and Yuzu juice make up this exotically gorgeous cocktail. For those who don’t like sugary drinks ‘The Chicken Soup for the Alcoholic’s soul’ is quite divine too!

Published on:
Vanilla Luxury Singapore

Written by:
Natasha Tulsi

Date Published:
7th December 2016

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