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In Spanish, “vencer” means “overcome” or “win”. The centrepiece of this beautiful concoction is lavender. Ironically, the bartender who created it is allergic to lavender, but attracted to its flavour, Jaslynn Looi, 23, kept on experimenting with it till she came up with Vencer — a drink that reflects her burning spirit.

This drink entered the semi-finals of the Bacardi Legacy contest, and Looi hopes it will raise people’s spirits when they drink it (pun intended).

Vencer comprises lavender syrup, a balsamic vinegar reduction, Bacardi light rum, lemon juice and egg white, and is finished by torching. The torched effect adds to the drink’s floral yet slightly sour flavour, giving it a well-rounded profile, according to Looi.

Price: S$20

28 Maxwell Road. Opens from 4pm to 1am daily.

Published on:
TODAY Online

Written by:
Sonia Yeo SiJia

Date Published:
8th December 2016

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