Bar review: Hopscotch on Maxwell Road, Singapore

First impressions: All the hallmarks of DIY industrial chic (the bar team fixed the space up themselves), warmed up with soft jazz wafting through the speakers.

The Chosen One: Laced with Middle Eastern flavours, Arab Street ($23) was concocted to bring to mind the sweet scent of shisha (flavoured tobacco smoke) that floats through the area it’s named after. The fruity, slightly tart cocktail is a mix of G’Vine Nouaison gin, saffron rosewater, pomegranate syrup, apple juice and fresh citrus. It’s served in a dainty glass, with its rim coated in sumac powder for a lip-puckering-sour start, and garnished with a cute whorl of cotton candy topped with rose petals and silver sugar balls – a sure-fire hit with the ladies.

Arab Street, a blend of G’Vine Nouaison gin, saffron rosewater, pomegranate syrup, apple juice and fresh citrus

The Cheapskate: Heineken goes for $8 per half pint, pinot noir for $8 a glass.

Bite on this: While they don’t have a food menu, the crew’s happy to ring up their favourite local joint, Old House, for delivery. Choose from rice, noodle and seafood dishes.

Last But Not Least: This is the second cocktail bar by roving bartending group Mixes From Mars, helmed by co-founder Roger Yip. With the ever-inventive Kino Soh (formerly from Bar Stories) behind the bar, the chummy team isn’t afraid to pour their cheeky, anything-goes attitude into their creations. Look out for lots of playful nods to Singapore culture in presentation and taste, as well as fresh herbs from their humble boxed garden out front.

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Expat Living

Date of publication:
19th Dec 2017

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