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Vision, mission and philosophy

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Here at Hopscotch, we seek to uplift the Singaporean identity through our food, drinks and community spirit. We are however essentially still a restaurant and a craft cocktail bar. In that regard, we promise great tasting food and drinks prepared meticulously with fresh and quality ingredients, skilled techniques and methodologies, and delivered by our dedicated team with warm, friendly and homely service standards.
If you are still not in tuned, Hopscotch plays host to some of the biggest wildest parties frequently. Our more signature annual involvements include the “Art After Dark After Party”, “The National Day Party”, “Our Anniversary” and our countdown party “Hop In”. If you fancy, song, dance and parties, be sure to subscribe to get news of our upcoming epic soiree.
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The Hopscotch Family

The Hopscotch’s team consists of individuals from various backgrounds, each with unique skill sets and personal qualities. However, we all share a common passion for continuous learning and refining our abilities, as well as a genuine desire to serve. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment reminiscent of being invited into our own homes. We strive to cultivate an atmosphere of joy, lighthearted conversations, and authentic connections with our guests, from whom we also gain valuable insights.

Hopscotch Bar Hop In 2020 Gillman Barracks Party
Hopscotch Bar Ice On Wheels


Our Story

Hopscotch was founded in 2014 by former Bar Stories bartenders Roger, Louis, Kino and Joel. The bar which previously only served alcoholic beverages was located within the courtyards of Red Dot Traffic building. Since then, Hopscotch has retained its initial concept of bringing you interesting and whimsical local themed craft cocktails. Starting with our first menu, we have since launched a different cocktail menu every year.


Red Dot Traffic Building

In 2017, the lease at Red Dot ended and could not be renewed because Red Dot Traffic Building was to be revamped for higher purposes. Hopscotch was without a home for awhile, but not for long.


Gillman Barracks

In 2018 only after a year were we able to relocate Hopscotch over at Gillman Barracks. While no longer amongst the bustling city that is CBD, Hopscotch is now located yet not too far off at a larger and stand alone premise that is closer to the serene nature and delivering an out of town experience.


Capitol Arcade

Hopscotch opened another outlet at Capitol Theatre in March 2021, a beautiful open space sheltered by an airconditioned atrium. The ~2000sqft space features a mezzanine and boasts a seating capacity of 130 people. As Hopscotch (Capitol) is housed within a mall near the bustle of the city, Hopscotch also now operates for lunch, offering valuable set lunch to offices nearby.


Gardens By The Bay

Hopscotch launched in Oct 2022 at Gardens by the Bay, one of Singapore’s iconic landmarks. The establishment boasts a spacious area of 3000 square feet that can accommodate up to 200 people. Due to its generous size and amenities, the venue is highly sought after for hosting corporate events.