Bar and Grill in Singapore

Food in Singapore are a dime a dozen. They range from hawker centers to fine dining restaurants. All these food haunts are scattered throughout Singapore, with majority of it concentrated in the South. As Singapore is a country with multiple ethnicities, the food you find here varies from traditional food like Mee Pok, Nasi Lemak to popular food from overseas like Sushi and Burgers.

In the past 20 years, dining has evolved rapidly where we see various restaurants setting from fine dining to experiential dining. One aspect of this has caught up in Singapore, that is Bar and Grill. Down in the South-West of Singapore, near Alexandra Road lies Gillman Barracks. It is an enclave of many art museums, bars and restaurants and it is also a place for art lovers, art collectors and those curious about the art. The NTU Centre for Contemporary Art is also situated there, where they hold numerous exhibitions every month.

The Bar in Bar and Grill is pretty straightforward, alcohol staples like beer, wine and housepours to ensure everyone has a good time

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