Best Cocktail Bar Singapore

Best Cocktail Bar Singapore

If you’ve been looking for a cocktail joint that truly raises the bar, look no further. Our premium spirits & liqueurs make for a cocktail experience like no other, inspired by the best of Asian flavours.

Our new menu curates 4 ultimate cocktail experiences, so you can take your pick across the sections. From twisting the classics like an Old Fashioned that’s infused with popcorn to the drink with funny puns in their names that will make you think about how the drinks and names originate from – chicken or egg, anyone? Our third installment of our menu is bigger and definitely out-fill the big shoes of our two previous menus.

We’ve complemented our stellar cocktails with a selection of cocktail shots to keep things interesting. Putting our signature local-style stamp on these shooters, we’ve reinvented the shots game with unconventional flavours like ondeh ondeh. A special range of craft beers round out the menu.

And if nothing catches your fancy, we’d be glad to whip up a bespoke concoction for you too. Utilising only the freshest of ingredients and homemade infusions with a local spin, we’ll create an exclusive drink just for you, based on your preferences and palate. Our skilled mixologists are well-versed with all the classics, but we do love a challenge, so feel free with any unusual cocktail requests.

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