Best Drinks In Singapore

Singapore’s drink culture is changing — consumers are pickier about what they drink, and we’ve come to prefer drinks that are truly artisanal. At Hopscotch, we deliver quality cocktails that are crafted with only premium spirits and liqueurs, sampled and selected from all over the world. We put careful thought into each and every drink, and it shows. Putting together a deliciously well-balanced blend of flavours and textures, each local-inspired drink invites an exploration of its incredible complexity and depth.

Amping up the distinctively Asian-inspired drinks, we experiment with a variety of cocktail techniques that venture into molecular mixology, making each drink an unparalleled feast for the senses. Watch us we transform cocktails into a frozen sorbet with crushed dry ice, or savour the burst of boozy flavours on your tongue with cocktail caviar.

And if cocktails aren’t your thing (we can’t imagine why), we’ve also got an extensive range of spirits and beers to round out the selection. Feel free to ask us for anything off-menu!

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