Indulge in unforgettable twists on familiar Singaporean tastes, or if you fancy, tickle your palate with a bespoke cocktail artisanally crafted to fit your taste, preferences and personality. Hopscotch definitely has the answer to your craft cocktail cravings. Not so much for cocktails? Try our Singaporean themed specialty shots or locally brewed craft beer as well.

Craft Cocktails with a Local Twist

Generally, the menu is built with the intention of impressing and raising the standard of cocktails at Hopscotch. Instead of appreciating a drink just for its interesting flavor qualities, Hopscotch aims at delivering a multi-sensory experience, where the cocktails do not just bait your palate, but also provide adequate visual and aroma adventures, while being absorbingly interactive at the same time.

The menu however adheres strongly to Hopscotch’s initial concept of providing craft cocktails with a local twist with local drinks and local inspired ingredients, but this time we have incorporated more sophisticated techniques like flavored airs, dry ice frozen cocktails, bitters making, espumas, spheres, food and flavor pairings, and infusions. You’ll also definitely find some strong association in all our craft cocktails with Singapore be it a blast from the past, a location, or part of Singaporean culture.

Bespoke Cocktails

Hopscotch also specialises in the craft of bespoke cocktails. Talk to our bartenders. Tell them how you’re feeling, tell them what you like and don’t like. Our bartenders will work their magic in pampering you with your very own personalised cocktail.

In for a surprise? Challenge our bartenders and give them three random words to craft your cocktail with and be marvelled by the results. For the more traditional, Hopscotch also definitely has the shelf to shake up most of your classic cocktails.


Which bar is complete without shooters? The Hopscotch menu also includes a range of local themed shooters such as the Bandung, Nutella and the Sour Plum. If you’re even more adventurous, you can try the Kueh Lapis shooter. Don’t worry, it’s not made from blended Kueh Lapis.

Beers, Wine and Others

For the beer bellies, we have Heineken on the tap and Guinness Surger for lovers of the dark. Craft beer aficionados will be delighted to know that they can support a Rye and Pint, an outstanding brewery with four different beers over at Hopscotch.

Hopscotch also serves wine, prosecco and a full range of spirits, liqueurs and aperitifs. A complete bar for your drinking needs.

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