Hopscotch Bar The Butterfly Effect
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While it was not possible for a kitchen back at Maxwell, Hopscotch is proud to announce a full fledged kitchen menu at its new premise. The menu is crafted with one idea in mind, and that is the facilitation of communal dining, and what better way than the communal barbeque that is ever so popular among Singaporeans.



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Hopscotch also specialises in the craft of bespoke cocktails. Talk to our bartenders. Tell them how you’re feeling, tell them what you like and don’t like. Our bartenders will work their magic in pampering you with your very own personalised cocktail.


Hopscotch Bar Ice On Wheels
Featuring dishes from our homegrown and esteemed chef, Cody. Here we showcase a selection of dishes with a strong barbeque influence, and executed to meticulous perfection.


Hopscotch Bar Light of the South
Which bar is complete without shooters? The Hopscotch menu also includes a range of local themed shooters such as the Bandung, Nutella and the Sour Plum. If you’re even more adventurous, you can try the Kueh Lapis shooter. Don’t worry, it’s not made from blended Kueh Lapis.