Hopscotch Bar - Artichoke Wild Mushroom Fricassee
Hopscotch Paint Splat

The Kitchen

While it was not possible for a kitchen back at Maxwell, Hopscotch is proud to announce a full fledged kitchen menu at its new premise. The menu is crafted with one idea in mind, and that is the facilitation of communal dining, and what better way than the communal barbeque that is ever so popular among Singaporeans.



Cut the formalities and indulge in the spirit of sharing! After all, a meal is the whole experience of coming together as friends and family and getting down and dirty with food. In this section, Hopscotch showcases specialty grilled dishes made for sharing.


Featuring dishes from our homegrown and esteemed chef, Cody. Here we showcase a selection of dishes with a strong barbeque influence, and executed to meticulous perfection.



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