Hopscotch Bar - Artichoke Wild Mushroom Fricassee
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The Kitchen

Here at Hopscotch, we  believe that a meal stretches beyond sustenance, it is also an experience where we gather together to bond, socialise and make merry—why is why we love barbeques. There’s just something about the food and flames that brings people together.

The Hopscotch kitchen is designed with the charcoal grill at the core. A charcoal grill functions quite distinctly from its gas and electrical counterparts.  Wood produces a deep smoky wood-fired flavour, and if that isn’t enough, when meat juices drip onto the charcoal, they produce delicious tasting compounds that rises back up, saturating the meat with even more flavour.
Our menu includes a broad range of Western dishes spanning across several categories including Pastas, Burgers, Mains and Sharing Plates. To foster the spirit of communal dining that we passionately promote, our menu prominently features an extensive selection of items suitable for sharing.
Our Gardens by the Bay outlet boasts expansive windows that allow natural light to flood the space, creating a truly unique and inviting atmosphere. The menu at Gardens by the Bay features an all-day brunch selection, perfect to indulge in between your day at the park. As you dine, you will be treated to breathtaking views of the Supertree Grove and the tranquil Dragonfly Lake. Our interiors are luxurious, with a harmonious blend of natural beauty and elegance, lush greenery and a soothing natural color palette. Our feature bar is a true masterpiece, featuring three unique DYI “Super Trees” made out of recycled copper pipes, which adds a touch of sophistication to the dining experience. Come and unwind in our beautiful setting, the perfect space for lively crowds, a vibrant atmosphere, and eventful nights.
The Gillman Barracks location is perhaps Hopscotch’s most magical home—for one reason, the outdoors. Perhaps it’s about being close to nature; perhaps it’s the breath of fresh air after a day hidden behind walls; but one thing’s for sure, we love the outdoors. What better place than one filled with greenery, unobstructed by high rise buildings, and situated amongst artists in this clandestine arts cluster. To us, it’s the perfect place to host guests, the perfect place for a vibrant atmosphere, lively spirits, and happy crowds. The Gillman Barracks outlet is also home to our “Signature Pizzas” selection, fired from our stone deck pizza oven. We believe pizzas to be the ultimate shareable food and it’s perfect for getting together with family and friends. If you dine with us on Fridays or weekends, look forward to live music from 7PM-10:30PM that promise to keep good vibes going.
At our Capitol outlet, we present to you a selection of “Signature Specialities” – main courses and dishes that we deem a little more expressive. The section also introduces interesting local inspired dishes such as the Laksa inspired “Katong Lobster Rosette” that further ties in harmoniously with our beverage menu concept of serving  “cocktails with a local twist”.
We take pleasure in offering our menu, which showcases a delightful array of fusion cuisine with a Singaporean flair. Should you find your dining experience enjoyable, we kindly request that you leave us a review and spread the word to your friends. Conversely, if your experience falls short of expectations, we sincerely encourage you to provide us with feedback so that we may enhance our service and cater to your needs more effectively in the future.



Cut the formalities and indulge in the spirit of sharing! After all, a meal is the whole experience of coming together as friends and family and getting down and dirty with food. In this section, Hopscotch showcases specialty grilled dishes made for sharing.


Featuring dishes from our homegrown and esteemed chef, Cody. Here we showcase a selection of dishes with a strong barbeque influence, and executed to meticulous perfection.



Delight in the perfect ending to your meal as you succumb to the irresistible allure of our selection of Singaporean-inspired desserts.