Gillman Barracks


(Gillman Barracks)

45 Malan Road
Singapore 109455

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thurs | 5pm – 1030pm
Fri – Sat | 5pm – 1200am

Contact Us:
Reservations & Enquiries: +65 6339 0633

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Welcome to
Hopscotch (Gillman Barracks)

The Gillman Barracks location is perhaps Hopscotch’s most magical home – for one reason, the outdoors. Perhaps it’s about bring close to nature; perhaps it’s the breath of fresh air after a day hidden behind walls; perhaps it’s the wonder of gazing into the beautiful evening sky; but one thing’s for sure, we love the outdoors. What better place than one filled with greenery, unobstructed by high rise buildings, and situated amongst artist in this clandestine arts cluster. To us its the perfect place to host guests, the perfect place for a vibrant atmosphere, lively spirits, and happy crowds. 

Hopscotch Gillman Barracks Hero Day

Getting There:

By MRT Train
Nearest MRT Train Station: Labrador Park (Circle Line station CC27)

Walking Directions from Labrador Park (~10 min):
1. Exit Labrador Park station via Exit A and walk towards Alexandra Road.
2. Cross the road from Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC).
3. At the bus stop, take the sheltered walkway into Gillman Barracks.

By Bus
Nearest Bus Stop:
Opposite Alexandra Point (Bus Stop Number 15059)

Available Buses:
51, 57, 61, 83, 97, 97e, 100, 166, 175, 408, 963 or 963E

Walking Directions from Bus Stop:
1. Turn left as you alight from the bus and walk along Alexandra Road.
2. Take the sheltered walkway into Gillman Barracks.

Private Transport
Google Maps:
Hopscotch (Gillman Barracks)
Weekdays before 5/6pm:
7am – 5pm, Free for the 1st hr, $0.50 per 30 min for the 2nd hr; $3 per hr for the 3rd hr onwards or part thereof

Weekdays after 5/6pm:
5pm – 7am: $0.50 per 30min (capped at $2.00)

7am – 11am: $0.50 per 30 min; 11am-7pm: Free Parking, 7pm-7am: $0.50 per 30 min (capped at $2.00)

Free Parking