Nightlife in Singapore

Planning a night out on the town? Hopscotch’s prime location at Gillman Barracks means it’s central enough for a gathering, yet cozily tucked away in the hip Gillman Baracks. The buzzing atmosphere and live music make it a perfect chill-out spot, regardless of occasion. Cocktails can even be customised to your preference, so go wild with your cocktail fantasies!

Get the party started with a beer or two, then move on to our delectable concoctions. For a fun alternative, we’ve got cocktail shooters on the menu in creative local flavours like ondeh ondeh. In case hunger strikes, we have a comprehensive food menu serving main courses, large sharing platters and even skewers. Bond with your friends or colleagues over some table games from our games shelf and be assured of a memorable night of joy and laughter.

Friday nights see Cynthia and Linus perform a set of live acoustic music, accompanied by catchy guitar tunes. Definitely not a night to be missed!

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