10 Uniquely singaporean cocktail you can't find anywhere else in the world

Hopscotch is a craft cocktail bar, the latest installation by Mixes from Mars. A cozy and laid back bar which is tucked away within the courtyard of former traffic police headquarters, The Red Dot Traffic Building.


Address and contact details:

Red Dot Traffic Building
28 Maxwell Road, #01-04
Singapore 069120
Web: www.hopscotch.sg
Email: Enquiries@hopscotch.sg
Facebook: @HopscotchSG

nstagram: @Hopscotch_Bar

Short Story:

Hopscotch is a craft cocktail bar, the latest installation by Mixes from Mars. A cozy and laid-back bar is tucked away within the courtyard of the former traffic police headquarters, The Red Dot Traffic Building.

Hopscotch Bar is not your regular cocktail bar. Cocktail-making craft is pushed to a whole new level here. Besides excellent taste of every cocktail on Hopscotch drinks menu, they also surprise with their far from the ordinary presentation and matching aroma. This is some 4D cinema in cocktail-mixing universe.

The main theme for Hopscotch drinks is focused on local flavours and spirits. This is a fantastic approach and adds this extra twist of Singapore character to every drink you order.

Hopscotch cocktail menu is divided into four main sections, each focused on different phases Hopscotch has gone through from past to present.

Collection #1:
The first menu was conceptualised based on local flavours and the vivid imaginations of Jo, the head mixologist and Kino, the previous head bartender of Hopscotch.

Arab Street – An out-of-the-ordinary drink on the sweet side complemented with a Sumac-rimmed glass and cotton candy garnish. It is also based on its namesake, where hipsters roam for Instagrammable pictures of outfits, coffee and cocktails.

Red Ruby – A drink crafted for dessert lovers. It consists of Light Rum and Pandan Syrup and topped with Homemade Coconut Sorbet. This drink was a hot favourite of the first menu and was always sold out before the end of the week, leading to customers calling in to make a reservation for the cocktail.

Collection #2:
The second menu was styled in similar fashion to a HK café, paying tribute to Asian flavours that many guests identify with.

Hopscotch Grape Gatsby cocktailGrape Gatsby – Made with Japanese ingredients like Sake and Kyoho Grape Liqueur, it has garnered a following that identifies it as alcoholic grape Yakult. Garnished with fresh orchids and a grape marshmallow, it is well-received by many customers.

Bangkok Twister – A tipple which involves the many ingredients which are found in Thai cuisines like Kaffir Lime Leaves, Lemongrass and Mango. It is topped with Thai Tea Espuma which gives the drink a dessert-like finish and presented in a pineapple cup.

Hopscotch Melon Milk cocktailMelon Milk – This drink is as straightforward as its name suggests. It has its fans not only because of the sweet and desserty nature of it, but also its presentation. Presented in a flowerpot, layered with crushed Granola and Oreo, with a mint sprig. What customers get at first sight is a young sapling in a pot, but beyond that is a one of a kind experience which first-time customers don’t expect, a taste that doesn’t match its looks. One that will leave them coming back for more.

Collection #3:
Menu number three out of four was conceived to push the boundaries of our imagination in all aspects of visual, smell and taste.

Chicken Soup for The Alcoholic’s Soul – Jaslynn envisaged this drink to be the Asian version of the Bloody Mary. Some of its many ingredients include Bonito Infused Smirnoff Vodka and Chicken Stock. She came up with this drink as she felt that savoury cocktails would taste better warm and thus be comforting to the drinker. The results speak for themselves as she entered the Youngest and Fiercest competition hosted by Fresh! Bar with this cocktail was crowned the winner, impressing the many contestants and judges at the competition.

Malt n’ Marsh – The main ingredient of the drink is Horlicks, a childhood favourite of many Singaporeans. Coupled with Rum, caramel and toffee, it takes the customer down memory lane with a bit of booze.

Eating Air – A molecular mixology experience Jo came up with while challenging himself to think out of the box. This drink includes Tequila, Jo’s homemade Falernum, and Angostura and Chocolate bitters. After being shaken, it is mixed with dry ice to create an alcoholic sorbet. Following that, the air is introduced into Berries Tea mixture to bubble it up and it will be garnished on top of the sorbet, giving customers a visual and tasteful treat.

Collection #4:
The cocktails in this category are based on our regular’s favourites, some originating from our sister bar, Mars Bar.

Dai Gor Dai – The Cantonese translation for Big Brother. This cocktail is a twist of the classic Godfather. It pays tributes to the ‘Heartland Uncles’ whose favourite alcoholic beverages include Tiger Beer and Courvoisier, both of which are present in the drink. Disaronno Amaretto and Drambuie are added to give the drink a sweeter body. It is then garnished with roasted peanuts, another Uncle’s favourite.

Festive Avian – This drink was thought up for our Christmas Menu in 2014. As its name suggests, we infused smoked duck with bourbon. After fat washing, the infusion to remove the fats, it is shaken together with Yuzu Juice, Pineapple Syrup and fresh Lemon Juice. The serving glass is rimmed in Hoisin sauce which is found in Peking Roast Duck, honey and maple syrup, then sprinkled with bacon bits. A piece of pork paper is clipped on as an edible pairing with the drink.

Mad Men Long Island Tea – Possibly the most sought-after drink in the bar. Conceptualised in our sister bar, Mars Bar, it has made its way to Hopscotch, and its recipe has been modified a little for that extra oomph. Counting Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Cointreau, Violet Liqueur and St Germain among its alcoholic ingredients, it is the strongest drink on the current menu. Masking the strength of this cocktail is its innocent light blue colour, the gassy soft drink feel that comes from soda charging it and the lychee sphere and mint sprig garnish. Thus giving the feel of a fruity and floral Long Island Ice Tea.



11th Mar 2017