Hopscotch Bar: The Best Bar for quirky craft cocktails

Hopscotch Bar is one of those bars I have been to and never stop craving for the next visit.

Hopscotch Bar is one of those bars I have been to and never stop craving for the next visit. Quietly situated within Red Dot Traffic Building, I never dreamt of its existence until a friend brought me there last year. Since then, I have always wanted to return and quite ashamedly I had my second visit only this February again. And only then did I found out that it would be moving out of its current location in 15th April 2017.

To where? No idea ?

Why do I love it here

I like the fact that they have an indoor and outdoor seating. Indoor for a focused heart-to-heart talk with my girlfriends and outdoor for a relax and intimate setting.

I like the darkness that shrouds the bar as darkness creeps in, like a soothing blanket that wraps me up.

And of course, I love the cocktails that would wow me each time with their quirky creations and alcoholic rush.

The Menu Chapters

Hopscotch Bar’s menu was intricately designed in such a way that in these four chapters, you get four different collection of drinks. With the first chapter bearing the original drinks when the bar just started, to different variations in the drinks in the second chapter, before getting more creative in the third chapter with fairytale-liked cocktails and moving on lastly to the fourth chapter by paying a tribute to Red Dot Traffic Building through serving house specials and regular favourites.

Those Indeliable Drinks

Mad Men Long Island Tea ($26)

Smirnoff Vodka, Gordon’s Dry Gin, Cointreau, Tres Sombreros Reposado, The Bitter Truth Violet, St. Germain, Fresh Citrus, Soda Charge

While you thought it is a really strong drink with those mix of spirits, the soda toned it down and made it easier to swallow. But beware, it will hit you soon or thereafter.


Malt N Marsh ($23)

Horlicks & milk, Angostura White Reserva Rum, Giffard Caramel & Toffee, Vanilla Ice Cream, Himalayan Pink Salt

A really sweet cocktail best suited for the sweet tooth. It’s thick like a milkshake and yes, my male friend loved it.


Grape Gatsby ($25)

Smirnoff Vodka, Nigori Sake, Kyoho Murasake, Yogurt Liquer, Vanilla, Fresh Citrus

A little ice blended pinkish drink served in a beauitful hardware. Smooth and tasty cocktail. The ladies would love this.


Dai Gor Dai ($25)

Disaronno Amaretto, Courvoisier VS, Tiger Beer Reduction, Drambuie, Chocolate Bitters

Don’t be intimidated by the description because the drink itself is the lethal one. One sip and you can feel the intensity hitting the base of your nostrils. Have some nuts to tame it, perhaps.


Osmanthus Penicillin ($22)

Osmanthus infused Famous Grouse Whisky, Red Date & Goji Honey, Float of Lagavulin, Ginger, Fresh Citrus

This reminds me of tea fit for the Dowager Empress. A change of era would make my point.


Eating Air ($25)

Reposado Tequila, Angostura & Chocolate Bitters, Torched Ginger, Joe’s Kampong Falernum, Yuzu & Berries Air, fresh Citrus

Fairytale is when you really start to eat air and realise it tastes sweet. And then reality hits you as you reach the bottom.


A Warm Hug ($21)

Famous Grouse Scotch, Drambuie, Ginger, Angostura Bitters, Red Date Goji Honey, Fresh Citrus

Quite a balanced drink with a blend of sweet and sourness. Drank with a warm fuzzy feeling down my throat, I felt as if it could chase off all my worries.


Fire Roasted O.F ($24)

Suntory Kakubin Whisky, Coconut Water Reduction, Gula Melaka

Its fiery strength would have melted me.


We also had some bars snacks and crackers to line our tummies.

Can’t wait to visit them again and in their new location too ?

Hop over now to Hopscotch Bar at Red Dot Traffic Building before they shift in 15th April 2017.

Hopscotch Bar

28 Maxwell Road, #01-04

Red Dot Traffic Building

Singapore 069120

Tel: +65 6327 4820

Daily: 4PM-1AM





25th Mar 2017