It Ain't Child's play with this hopscotch bar

Hopscotch is a craft cocktail bar that preserves its local elements while venturing deeper into modern techniques with her fancy gadgets and exciting flavour pairings with quirky infusions and tinctures.

Speakeasy bars have become the trendiest places to hang out in Asia over the past few years. A speakeasy is an illicit establishment that sells alcoholic beverages. Such establishments became prominent during the Prohibition era, where the sale of alcoholic beverages was illegal. Speakeasies largely disappeared after Prohibition ended in 1933, and the term is now used to describe some retro-style bars. If you are on the prowl for Singapore-style craft cocktails, you will find it at the Hopscotch Bar.

About Hopscotch Bar

Hopscotch is a craft cocktail bar that preserves its local elements while venturing deeper into modern techniques with her fancy gadgets and exciting flavour pairings with quirky infusions and tinctures. Daring twists on Singaporean favourites take the stage as the team combines fresh, flavourful ingredients and a playful spirit for innovative drinks that tease the palate. Hopscotch also carries a succinct but comprehensive range of Scotch whiskies for the Scotch enthusiast and beer for the hops addict, so there’s definitely something for everyone.


Hopscotch Specialties

Hopscotch aims to pay tribute to the eroding appreciation for Singapore’s ethnic flavors. Local and regionally sources ingredients are the base for all drinks at the bar. They incorporate the use of some modern culinary techniques to take things up a notch.

“Grape Gatsby”, one of their signature drinks based on Yakult, involves the use of blending the drink together with dry ice to momentarily freeze the cocktail. The resultant is a smooth and velvety cocktail sorbet, which delivers an out of this world experience.

The “Bangkok Twister” is served with a generous helping of home made Thai Tea espuma, which is a stable foam fluffed up with nitrous oxide instead of the usual oxygen. The drink has been a favorite because of the pairing espuma.

They make it a point to evoke a multi-sensory experience through our cocktails. Look good, smell good, taste good, and each coming with an interesting back-story for you to listen to.


Finding Fun and Passion in Hopscotch

Hopscotch was founded late 2014 and comprises of colleagues initially working together at Bar Stories. They ventured into doing mobile bar event bartending Mixes from Mars, and then opening Hopscotch Bar.

They all came from humble backgrounds, so they had to scrimp, save and find all sorts of ways to just make things more cost effective. This included undertaking the whole renovation process of the bar on their own. The main concept is to instill a sense of nostalgia and comfort with the patrons. Hopscotch is the game everyone is familiar with growing up as kids in Singapore which explains the name of the bar. They want to evoke that same feeling back as kids, where we were worry free, and genuinely happy. Hopscotch features a games corner, where guests can pick up a game to enjoy at their tables.

The cocktails are based on local inspired themes and most of them are based on local dishes, ingredients or ideas. They make an effort to change our menu semi-annually to ensure that our guests have different cocktails to try each time. For those who fancy a bespoke drink, the bartenders are happy to oblige with a customized tipple of your own based on individual taste, preference and mood.



Living in this volatile, unpredictable, fast paced and hectic modern world can be quite a chore. We forget simple things like how to relax or enjoy ourselves as we settle into adulthood and the working world.

Hopscotch aims to provide that venue and opportunity for people to forget everything else and to get together for the guileless sake of comfort and enjoyment. What better way than to do over a round of delicious tipples. After all, men have been fraternizing over alcohol since the era of pyramids.

The team and colleagues exude the same love and passion for drink making and hospitality. The one thing that really gets the team going is the strong camaraderie amongst each other. Their greatest personal achievement every night is seeing the guests happy and enjoying themselves.

Note: Hopscotch is leaving Red Dot Traffic Building on the 16th of April 2017. Follow their Facebook page to be up to date with the latest information.


“I believe in equality and meritocracy, because one’s gain should be based on one’s hard work and efforts. Capitalism seems to also brings out the greedy, selfish and exploitative side of mankind. The idea of wealth transference is abhorred as I don’t believe that anyone should be born with a silver spoon. One only deserves a silver spoon because one has earned it.” – Roger, hopscotch bar

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27th Feb 2017