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The cocktail culture has been experiencing a recent revival in Singapore, and with good reason. When it comes to alcohol, nothing says unique like a bespoke tipple and adventurous, unconventional flavours – exactly what Hopscotch offers. With an Asian concept, our menu is a journey across a range of wondrous flavours.

Using only the most premium of spirits & liqueurs, we curate a drinks menu that focuses on 4 different experiences. Girls’ Night Out is a smorgasboard of fruity, refreshing numbers; the Bro Code spins out contemporary local twists like osmanthus-infused penicillins. Meanwhile, Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These put playful spins on our favourite sweet treats, like the familiar melon milk. Finally, the Indiana Jones category stuns with its combination of unexpected flavours like truffle essence and passionfruit, and even creamy durian!

Our range of cocktails are bound to satisfy even the pickiest of palettes. But if you’re looking for something a little more specialised, bespoke tipples are a specialty of ours as well. What differentiates us from other cocktail bars? We take the time to interact with you from the very beginning, discovering your taste preferences, palate and any flavour you might fancy that day. Be as specific as you like, or go on a whim and leave it to up us! What you get is a nuanced drink with incredible depth and personality, customised with you in mind.

Coupled with a strong selection of craft beers and exciting cocktail shooters, it’s no wonder Hopscotch is often touted one of the best cocktail bars in Singapore.

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