Ultimate Cocktail Experience

We believe that bespoke cocktails are more than just drinks. They are an experience in a class of their own, and every individual drink is different. With careful thought placed into each drink, our menu is reminiscent of a Hong Kong cha chaan teng, and is curated into 4 different sections. From Girls’ Night Out to Sweet Dreams Are Made of These, drink your way across our local-style concoctions — we have refreshing fruity numbers and complex spins on the classics. Of course, for the truly adventurous, we retain the signature experimentative spirit that characterises all Mixes From Mars drinks. From passionfruit truffle flavours to the uniquely pungent durian, you’ll never be bored with our cocktail selection! If you’re craving something a little more personalised, our bespoke cocktails deliver an unbeatable experience. We work with you to discover your preferences, personality and even what you dislike, before crafting an exclusive drink with your palate in mind. It’ll be an ultimate drink unlike anything you’ve ever tasted as you get to decide exactly what goes into your cocktail!

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