Unique Singaporean drinks

Celebrate our heritage with our craft cocktails! Here at Mixes From Mars, we believe a combination of old and new is best. We put our unique spin on each and every drink, to create a menu that’s one-of-a-kind. Asian flavours come to the forefront, with tastes that’ll be familiar to any Singaporean.

For instance, the predictable Bloody Mary gets a Japanese update with bonito vodka we prepare in-house, and comes served with roasted cherry tomatoes and gently waving flakes of bonito! Meanwhile, The Grape Gatsby is a nostalgic blend of yoghurt and grape liqueurs that we swear tastes just like a delicious childhood favourite: grape Yakult. Looking for something a little more robust? Go with the Osmanthus Penicillin. We’ve infused Kakubin whisky with glorious notes of osmanthus, and even throw in an osmanthus-goji jelly on the side as a nod to that familiar Chinese dessert.

Whether you’re a foreigner looking to eat (and drink) your way through Singaporean culture, or a local searching for that something special to surprise your palate, our unique local-style cocktails promise an experience like no other!